Short stories?

2010-11-22 21:34:01 by Superstrings

Hmm yeah I'm considering making a blog where I would continue the short stories I have already started in certain of my songs and creating some more. However, I don't have much time for now so I'm still thinking about it if it's worth it.

Mon blog

2010-09-13 22:15:04 by Superstrings

Salutations, en tant que fier québécois je m'exprime en francais sur mon nouveau blog... qui porte essentiellement sur ce qui m'intéresse ou m'a interessé ce qui me permet de garder une trace de mon cheminement et de ce fait me permet de me rassurer que je change constament et que je deviens une personne meilleure.

Mon blog

Finally I have acquired sufficient knowledge to make studio-like mastering! Therefore I've decided to check all my old songs, make some changes, add the mastering if not already applied and release the final version.

Ergo, post what you would like me to change in any of my songs here! and it will be done!(if it can't be done I would give a reasonable explanation of course)
Don't forget to mention the title of the song

Guitar rig 4

2010-05-17 23:35:01 by Superstrings

I finally got my hands on guitar rig 4 and for sure will make music with it. I hope you'll like my next song as much as I love playing around with the program.

Guitar rig 4


2010-05-06 16:03:38 by Superstrings


My plan

2010-01-05 23:35:43 by Superstrings

It's been quite a while that I realized how music is important to me. I'm really motivated to learn and discover different shapes of music that wasn't found yet. My motivation is more than a resolution made the first day of the year and forget about it the next day, it's my way to shoot myself with dopamine with my own mind which I found pretty cool.

One another thing I keep wondering is what makes a certain person to love a song or not. For some it's the number of notes in the song and others it's the rythm or wtv, but in the end it's only waves repeated a certain way... Ok maybe I'm thinking too much, all I want is to share my music and hope that I'll reach some of you.